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Posted by fcadweb on November 10, 2015

Beyond Missing and Murdered Women: Covering Indigenous Communities

It's 2016: Has coverage of Indigenous issues shifted from niche media to the mainstream? In addition to several news organizations’ award-winning reportage on missing and murdered indigenous women, ground-level changes—such as the creation of dedicated beats, units, internships and university courses—are intended to bring greater awareness to the history and challenges faced by the Indigenous community. Does this signal progress and hope for sustained coverage for a community traditionally underserved by the media? Join Lenny Carpenter, program manager of the Indigenous Reporters Program for Journalists for Human Rights; Karyn Pugliese, executive director of News and Current Affairs for APTN; Tanya Talaga, reporter with the Toronto Star; Connie Walker, investigative reporter for CBC News; and moderator Duncan McCue, host of Cross Country Checkup (CBC Radio One), for a conversation on the state of the media on Indigenous affairs in Canada's new era of truth and reconciliation. Ahead of the event, take a look at JHR's report Buried Voices: Changing Tones, an examination of media coverage of Indigenous issues in Ontario.

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