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Posted by fcadweb on November 10, 2015

#CAJ16 I’m a journalist—no, really.

It’s a conversation that’s always simmering away among journalists and those who study media.It used to be easier to tell who was a journalist and who wasn’t, often based on a strong link between the individuals who created journalism and the outlets that had the means to publish and/or broadcast it.Today, anyone with an Internet connection can publish and broadcast to their heart’s content. There’s enough content out there to satisfy any interest.Who you work for or who publishes or broadcasts your work isn’t as defining as it used to be, particularly when some outlets chase clicks and conversions over investing in public interest journalism.How do we tell the journalists and their journalism from everything else that’s out there? Is it by defining and declaring some of them as members of a profession, like doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.? Is it in the development and teaching of better critical media literacy skills?In their discussion, our panelists will touch on the latest research and thinking into the question of the professionalization of journalism.

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