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Posted by fcadweb on November 10, 2015

CJF J-Talk: Mohamed Fahmy in conversation with Michelle Shephard

An award-winning Egyptian-Canadian journalist and author, Mohamed Fahmy was the Egypt bureau chief of Al Jazeera International when he was arrested in 2013. The Egyptian government charged Fahmy with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and fabricating news to serve the fundamentalist group’s agenda. He was incarcerated in a maximum security jail for more than 400 days —including a month in solitary—alongside ISIS and other terrorists. Fahmy’s unjust imprisonment unleashed an international outcry for his release from human rights groups and press freedom organizations to the United Nations, the European Union and President Barack Obama. Last month, Fahmy was pardoned by the Egyptian government and he regained his freedom. Fahmy, who intends to live in Vancouver, has spent most of his career covering conflict zones, reporting for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Dubai TV and CNN. In addition, he spent two years working for the International Red Cross. Fahmy will be in conversation with Michelle Shephard, national security reporter for the Toronto Star. This event is dedicated to the principles of freedom of speech and the protection of Canadian citizens abroad.

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