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Thu, 03/30/2017 - 17:41

Posted by fcadweb on November 10, 2015

Flying Blind: Limiting the Dissemination of Information

An informed public is critical to a functioning democracy, but in Canada the public’s right to information is threatened.Our government prevents the gathering of vital information and fails to keep records of the processes used to make important decisions. Where information does exist, access is made difficult and sometimes impossible. Even when information exists and is accessible, too often governments and the private sector prevent dissemination of that information.Join us for a day of engaging conversation as we look at the current challenges to creating, accessing, and sharing information in Canada, and work to create a path forward. Featuring experts working with the system and advocating for change, the day will provide insights into what needs to be done to permit a truly informed public essential to the future of a democratic Canada.Jesse Brown, Freelance journalist and media criticPeter Jacobsen, Media lawyer and founding partner, Bersenas Jacobsen Chouest Thomson Blackburn LLPIvan Semaniuk, Science Reporter, The Globe and MailModerator: Carolyn Jarvis, 16×9′s Chief Correspondent, Global News

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