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Posted by fcadweb on November 10, 2015

#CAJ16: What the heck is happening to journalism?

This year has been (another?) dire year for media in Canada.Alongside the continual trickle of layoffs, downsizings and closures, the Canadian media landscape was hit by a succession of gut-punching announcements to kick off the new year.In January, TorStar Corp. announced the closure of its Vaughan, Ont., printing plant and the layoff of Star Touch contract journalists from its newsroom.The week after, Postmedia Network pulled the rug out from journalists working in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver as what were two competing newsrooms were shotgun-married into a single newsroom — a decision that carried 90 layoffs and buyouts. Neither decision alone comes to meet the pending need to pay down debt.The week after that, Rogers Media announced that 200 positions would be eliminated from its print and broadcast operations, touching magazines, television and radio operations across Canada. This matched an almost-identical decision by Bell Media in 2015.In the space of a January week, daily newspapers ceased publishing in Nanaimo, B.C., and Guelph, Ont.Our panelists, moderated by CAJ president Nick Taylor-Vaisey, will start from the depressing state of the industry and move into a discussion on what could be done to allow journalists to keep doing what they want to do: Keep Canadians informed about the things they need to know happening in their country, province and local community.

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