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Posted by fcadweb on November 10, 2015

Writing robots, fake news and the future of journalism

How emerging technologies and disruptive business models can further shape the industry. PANELISTS: Shannon Busta, Distributed and Emerging Platform Strategist at the Globe and Mail. Shannon spends much of her time thinking about, and experimenting with, Instagram for news, chatbots, and newsletters. Kevin Chan, Head of Public Policy, Canada for Facebook and Instagram. He leads both platforms' public policy efforts in Canada, facilitating an ongoing dialogue with the policy and public affairs communities on a broad range of issues that impact the Internet sector. Michael Gruzuk, Director of News and Digital at Vice Media. Michael had a long career with CBC, and was executive producer of special programming for CBC News before joining Vice. Jesse Hirsh, a researcher, artist, and public speaker based in Toronto, Canada. His research interests focus largely on the intersection of technology and politics, in particular artificial intelligence, media, and democracy.

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